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Environmental and Education

CHEMetrics kits are used extensively in the environmental sector as part of site assessments, monitoring, remediation projects and waste management. Kits are typically used by environmental contractors and consultancies, official government bodies, waste management companies, construction industries, inland and indoor leisure facilities, agriculture, fish farms, aviation and airports, and education, particularly universities, as part of environmental science courses. Monitoring applications include surface water monitoring for nutrient runoff and industrial effluent contamination and groundwater monitoring.

Alkalinity Glycol pH
Ammonia Hardness Persulphate
Carbon Dixoide (Dissoved) Hydrogen Peroxide Phenols
COD Iron Phosphate (Ortho)
Conductivity Nitrate Sulphide
Copper Oxygen (Dissolved) Total Dissolved Solids
Detergents Ozone

Please see the video below regarding water quality and dissolved oxygen testing at Chesapeake Bay estuary, VA, USA.

Test Kit Benefits

  • Precise, accurate and sensitive
  • Simple test procedures
  • Rapid, reliable results
  • Visual or photometrics kits for field use
  • Reduced operating costs

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