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What CHEMetrics Customers Are Saying

‘Your kit is enabling us to check progress with different variables in a much quicker manner than having to ship samples to a lab. When we are successful, CHEMetrics will have played a vital role in enabling that success!’

- David McCall, Solid Waste Program Manager, Tillamook County Solid Waste Department

‘During my 16-year career as a water treater for high pressure boilers, I have found the CHEMetrics low-level dissolved oxygen ampoules to be extremely reliable. Looking back, I can confidently say I always found each test to be high quality and a result I could use to validate system conditions.’

- Chris Golden, CWT (Certified Water Technologist)

‘The CHEMetrics field kits and associated equipment are critical components we need to get accurate, cost-effective, rapid results for these projects. Without these kits we would not be able to make the right field calls to maximize the results of our onsite experiments.’

- Brian Timmins, Director, ETEC, LLC Environmental Technologies

‘I highly recommend the use of CHEMetrics self-filling reagent ampoules. They make our field testing "dummy-proof!" It is important for us to get quick accurate data safely, when we are monitoring or characterizing a site for remediation. Using the ampoules as visual colorimetric or with the V-2000 Multi-Analyte Photometer makes sampling cleaner, faster with fewer reagents to carry.’

- DeAna Vitela-Hayashi, Director, AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc.

‘Why choose CHEMETRICS? It’s easy for the students to use and its visual. They can see everything. It makes the students feel like they are Scientists!’

- Hayley Usedom, Education Coordinator, Marine Watershed Project, Marine Science Institute

‘In all seriousness, when somebody asks me ‘Can you see if anyone makes a test kit for such-and-such?’, it gets rewritten in my head as ‘See if CHEMetrics offers what they’re asking for,’ and if you do, I generally stop looking.’

- Dynalene

‘The Filming Amine Test kit is a perfect match for our needs! In the past, we were providing to our clients a test system with a digital pocket colorimeter. Your test kit, not only being much more affordable as a first cost purchase, but is easier and requires less time to perform the test. Our clients have expressed that they really prefer this test system to the other system.’

- Pacific Water Technologies, Clovis, CA

‘CHEMetrics’ tests give fast results. They’re accurate and convenient. Great products, great service!’

- Mark Henry, Quality Shift Manager, HP Hood, LLC

‘I appreciate you shipping the test kit promptly as you said you would. The test kit is exactly what we were looking for. It worked flawlessly and gave us accurate results so easily. Thanks a million!!’

- Bill Galkowski, Manager, Supreme Fulvic, LLC

‘Thank you for the product being sent on time. The product works great. Very satisfied customer.’

- Michael Walet, Better Water Quality