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V-2000 Method Revision Update

The CHEMetrics V-2000 Multi-Analyte Photometer contains internal calibration software for use with instrumental test kits in the CHEMetrics range. As existing calibrations are updated or new instrumental test kits become available, a new Method Revision is released by CHEMetrics and is posted on this page.

A simple upload procedure allows analysts to automatically upgrade their V-2000 from their PC to the latest version. This procedure is described below and also in Section 5-3 of the V-2000 Operator’s Manual. Galgo are also offering a free upgrade service, performing this update for you and returning your unit within 3-5 working days after receipt. All newly purchased V-2000s come as standard with the latest Method Revision.

To determine which method revision is currently present on your V-2000 instrument, simply turn the instrument on. As the instrument powers up, the method revision number is displayed briefly. If Method Revision 19.0 is displayed, then you already have the latest software calibration and no action is required.

What's New In Method Revision 19.0?

The latest V-2000 Method Revision is 19.0, released on 3 September 2019, and impacts the following test kit calibrations. The new method revision does not overwrite any user-generated custom methods you may have created nor will it remove any programs designated as discontinued. However, new V-2000s supplied with Method Revision 19.0 will not include the discontinued calibration programs.

Analyte Test Kit Range (ppm) Program Code Calibration Change
Aluminium K-0603 0 - 0.25 9 Program Removed (Discontinued)
Hydrogen Peroxide K-5513 0 - 3.00 93 Calibration Update
Molybdate K-6703 0 - 25.0 115 Calibration Update
Sulphide K-9503 0 - 3.00 179 Calibration Update
Sulphide K-9523 0 - 6.00 180 Calibration Update

Hardware Requirements

The supplied RS-232 cable has a special 3-pin connector on one end which plugs into the underside of the V-2000. The other end, the RS-232 (DB-25) 25 pin connector, plugs into your computer. Your V-2000 is also supplied with a serial adapter, for use in the event your computer has a serial port (9 pin) but no RS-232 port. If your computer does not have a serial port, you will need to purchase a separate USB adapter A-0307 that will allow you to connect the V-2000 serial cable to the USB port on your computer. The A-0307 adapter includes a driver installation CD which will allow your USB port to recognise the cable - install this prior to beginning the V-3000 upgrade procedure. Whichever port you are using to plug the V-2000 cable into, we suggest you check which COM Port it is assigned under Control Panel.

Procedure For Method Revision Update

  1. Download the V-2000 Method Revision 19.0 Update File (52KB) from the link below.

    V-2000 Method Revision 19.0 Update File
  2. With the V-2000 power off, connect the V-2000 to a computer using the supplied RS-232 serial cable and any necessary adapter (as described above).
  3. Press the power key to turn the V-2000 on.
  4. Press the setup key on the V-2000.
  5. Use the up or down keys on the V-2000 until ‘UPLOAD’ is displayed.
  6. Press the yes key on the V-2000. The display should read ‘WAITING’

  7. Note: To abort the upload process, press the yes key again.

  8. Double click on the V-2000 Update file (or otherwise) to open it.
  9. Follow the on screen instructions on your computer. When the program is complete, the V-2000 display will show ‘ALL DONE’ along with the new method revision number.
  10. You may not switch off your V-2000 and disconnect the cable.
  11. V-2000 Operator's Manual (11/2019)

Method Update History

Historical Method Revisions releases and their associated calibration/program updates, are listed in the table below. This shows the calibration enhancements and/or additions between versions.

Method Date Changes
18.0 25/06/2018 Calibrations Updated: 26 (Chloride), 89 (Hydrazine), 95 (Hydrogen Peroxide), 142 (Oxygen), 148 (Peracetic Acid), 153 (Phenols)
Programs Removed: 78 (Formaldehyde), 83 (Glycol), 84 (Glycol), 101 (Iron)
17.0 12/05/2017 Calibrations Updated: 9 (Aluminium), 16 (Ammonia), 55 (Copper), 140 (Oxygen), 141 (Oxygen), 142 (Oxygen), 152 (Phenols), 158 (Phosphate), 168 (Silica), 179 (Sulphide)
Programs Added: 12 (Ammonia), 13 (Ammonia)
16.0 21/12/2015 Calibrations Updated: 48 (COD LR), 119 (Nitrate), 120 (Nitrate), 121 (Nitrate), 122 (Nitrate), 125 (Nitrite), 187 (Zinc), 188 (Zinc)
15.0 20/02/2015 Calibrations Updated: 22 (Bromine), 32 (Chlorine), 37 (Chlorine Dioxide), 84 (Glycol), 93 (Hydrogen Peroxide), 119 (Nitrate), 120 (Nitrate), 121 (Nitrate), 122 (Nitrate), 125 (Nitrite), 133 (Ozone), 148 (Peracetic Acid), 188 (Zinc)
14.0 30/09/2013 Calibration updated: 174 (Sulphate)
Program Removed: 134 (Ozone)
13.0 19/12/2011 Programs Added: 22 (Bromine), 24 (Carbohydrazide), 133 (Ozone), 93 (Peroxide), 161 (Total Phosphate)
Programs Removed: 21 (Bromine), 94 (Hydrogen Peroxide)
12.0 22/06/2011 Calibrations Updated: 60 (Cyanide), 78 (Formaldehyde), 83 (Glycol)
Program Added: 148 (Peracetic Acid)
Program Removed: 147 (Peracetic Acid)
11.0 19/04/2010 Calibrations Updated: 15 (Ammonia), 16 (Ammonia 2)
10.0 12/01/2009 Calibrations Updated: 119 (Nitrate), 120 (Nitrate 2), 121 (Nitrate 3), 122 (Nitrate 4) 152 (Phenols), 153 (Phenols 2), 158 (Phosphate 1), 187 (Zinc), 188 (Zinc 2)
9.0 08/10/2008 Calibrations Updated: 73 (Fluoride), 125 (Nitrite), 142 (Oxygen 3)
Program Added: 160 (Phosphate 2)
8.0 24/03/2008 Calibrations Updated: 89 (Hydrazine), 140 (Oxygen 1), 141 (Oxygen 2), 159 (Phosphate 2), 174 (Sulphate)
7.0 10/03/2006 Program Added: 122 (Nitrate 4)
6.0 22/05/2005 Calibration updated: 64 (DEHA 1)
5.0 12/11/2004 Calibration updated: 49 (HR COD)
4.0 24/02/2004 Calibration updated: 49 (HR COD)
3.0 29/01/2004 Original Version

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