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V-3000 Firmware Update

The CHEMetrics V-3000 Multi-Analyte Photometer contains internal calibration software for use with instrumental test kits in the CHEMetrics range. As existing calibrations are updated or new instrumental test kits become available, a new Method Revision is released by CHEMetrics and is posted on this page.

A simple upload procedure allows analysts to automatically upgrade their V-3000 from their PC to the latest version. This procedure is described below and also in Section 6.4 (p.16) of the V-3000 Operator’s Manual. Galgo are also offering a free upgrade service, performing this update for you and returning your unit within 3-5 working days after receipt. All newly purchased V-3000s come as standard with the latest Method Revision.

To determine which firmware version is currently present on your V-3000 instrument, turn the instrument on, press the Menu key, then select the Info option on the display. The Info screen displays Software version and Program version (as well as Serial number and main PC board identification). If Software Version 2.72 and Program Version 2.09C is displayed, then you already have the latest firmware and no action is required.

What's New In 2.08/2.07C?

The latest V-3000 Firmware version is Software Version 2.72 and Program Version 2.09C, released on 9 September 2022, and impacts the following test kit calibrations.

Analyte Test Kit Range (ppm) Program Code Calibration Change
Ammonia K-1513 0 - 10.0 (as N) 17 Program Added (New Product)
Ammonia K-1513 0 - 150 (as N) 18 Program Added (New Product)
Chlorine K-2513 0 - 5.00 32 Calibration Update
Chlorine K-2523 0 - 5.00 33 Calibration Update
Chlorine Dioxide K-2703 0 - 11.00 37 Calibration Update
Hydrazine K-5003 0 - 1.20 89 Program Removed (Discontinued Product)
Hydrogen Peroxide K-5513 0 - 3.00 93 Program Removed (Discontinued Product)
Iron K-6003 0 - 6.00 100 Calibration Update
Iron K-6203 0 - 6.00 103 Calibration Update
Monochloramine K-6803 0 - 8.00 117 Program Added (New Product)
Nitrite K-7013 0 - 0.750 (as N) 130 Program Added (New Product)
Oxygen (Dissolved) K-7503 0 - 2.00 140 Program Removed (Discontinued Product)
Sulphate K-9203 0 - 100.0 174 Calibration Update - for kits inc. A-9202 with lot nos. > 96000

Hardware Requirements

  • PC with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 10 with administrator rights.
  • PC serial interface cable (6 pin to 9 pin, supplied with Instrument) and if necessary, USB Cable Adapter (sold separately, Cat. No. A-0307); or Power LabStation (sold separately, Cat. No. A-0302) with its serial interface cable and if necessary, USB Cable Adapter (Cat. No. A-0307).

Procedure For Firmware Update

  1. If vc_redist.x86 (Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86) is installed on your PC, click below to download the V-3000 update program.

    V-3000 Firmware 2.72/2.09C Update File
  2. If vc_redist.x86 (Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86) is not installed on your PC, contact a systems administrator and click below to download the V-3000 update program.

    V-3000 Firmware 2.72/2.09C Update File
  3. If the downloaded file is a zip archive (*.zip), admin rights will be required to unzip it. Open the folder if present and click on the executable file (*.exe).
  4. With the V-3000 power off, connect the V-3000 to a computer using the supplied serial cable (and USB adapter A-0307 if required - see above.
  5. Press the Power key to turn the V-3000 on.
  6. Double click on the V-3000 Update file (or otherwise) to open it.
  7. Click ‘OK’ to initiate the V-3000 firmware update. The V-3000 screen will display a sequence of programming tasks and when complete will display ‘Firmware update successfully completed!’ as well as meter and revision information including the new Software and Program Version numbers.
  8. Note: The entire update process will take approximately 10 minutes and requires no user intervention. Do not click ‘Cancel’ on the PC program, disconnect the serial cable, switch the V-3000 off or otherwise interrupt the firmware update. If the update fails, follow the prompts on the PC screen to re-initiate the process. When prompted, carefully enter the V-3000 serial number.

  9. Disconnect the serial cable from the V-3000 and PC and store it back in the V-3000 box. Your V-3000 is now ready for use.
  10. V-3000 Operator's Manual (09/2022)

Update History

Historical firmware updates releases and their associated calibration/program updates, are listed in the table below. This shows the calibration enhancements and/or additions between versions.

Method Date Changes
2.08/2.07C 26/08/2019 Calibrations Updated: 32 (Chlorine), 33 (Chlorine), 37 (Chlorine Dioxide), 55 (Copper), 93 (Hydrogen Peroxide), 110 (Manganese), 115 (Molybdate), 133 (Ozone), 148 (Peracetic Acid), 152 (Phenols), 153 (Phenols), 168 (Silica), 174 (Sulphate), 179 (Sulphide)
Programs Removed: 9 (Aluminium), 22 (Bromine), 73 (Fluoride), 78 (Formaldehyde), 83 (Glycol), 84 (Glycol), 101 (Iron)
Display Corrected: 13 (Ammonia)
2.07/2.06C 12/05/2017 Calibrations Updated: 9 (Aluminium), 26 (Chloride), 55 (Copper), 60 (Cyanide), 95 (Hydrogen Peroxide), 140 (Oxygen), 141 (Oxygen), 153 (Phenols), 168 (Silica), 179 (Sulphide)
Programs Removed: 14 (Ammonia), 134 (Ozone)
Programs Added: 12 (Ammonia), 13 (Ammonia)
2.06/2.05C 17/11/2015 Original Version