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Better Water Testing is a Snap

Innovation Starts Here

These extraordinary, simple, snap-and-read test kits actually have a lower cost per test than the labour-intensive methods you may be using now. Measured either instrumentally, by visual colour comparison or by visual scale, you can have accurate, reliable, quantitative results for one of 45 analytes typically in just two minutes or less.

No Mixing, No Measuring, No Mess

Traditional methods often require sample and reagent measurement and preparation. The test procedure itself often involves multiple steps, and post testing clean up. With the CHEMetrics systems, you simply immerse the ampoule in the sample, snap the tip, and quickly obtain dependable results. The premeasured volume of liquid reagent is already present inside the ampoule, and the vacuum enables the ampoule to self-fill and draw in the correct volume of sample, so no sample measurement is necessary.

Fewer Steps Means Fewer Errors

Because preparation, measurement and manual dilution steps are virtually eliminated, CHEMetrics products reduce potential operator error and variation between successive sample tests, saving you retesting time and money. CHEMetrics vacuum-sealing helps you avoid inaccurate results from stale or unstable reagents.

Safer Testing

Instead of handling chemicals and samples, you can significantly reduce your exposure with CHEMetrics self-filling ampoules. Each contains a unit dose of pre-formulated reagent sealed in glass, so that direct contact with chemicals is minimised.

Portable and Refillable

Packaged with everything you need to run 30 tests, CHEMetrics products are compact and highly portable, making them ideal for fast, dependable analysis in the lab or the field. Refill packs of 30 ampoules are available to restock the test kits for further testing.

Extended Shelf Life

Vacuum-sealing the reagent inside the ampoule ensures the longest possible shelf life, to minimise oxidation. CHEMetrics shelf-life claims are based on products stored in the dark and at room temperature. Unless otherwise specified, all products have a shelf life of at least 1 year.

Is Colourimetric Water Analysis Right for You?

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