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Sample Zeroing Accessory Packs

Before a photometric instrument can be used to obtain test results, it must be set to zero. A sealed ZERO ampoule is already supplied in CHEMetrics Vacu-vials® test kits for use when samples are colourless and clear, but what about when they are coloured or turbid? CHEMetrics’ new Sample Zeroing Accessory Packs (SZAPs) are designed to help the analyst compensate for potential errors that may occur when samples are either cloudy or coloured and can provide a marked accuracy improvement over the use of the standard Vacu-vials® ZERO ampoule in such scenarios.

Please see the Turbidity Interference article for more information on discoloured water samples and colourimetric water analysis.

A-0503 and A-0504

For the A-0503 and A-0504, fill the sample cup with the samples to be tested. Snap the tip of the self-filling ampoule in the sample, mix and use in place of the supplied ZERO ampoule.

Each Sample Zeroing Accessory Pack contains 30 vacuum-sealed ampoules for sample zeroing and instructions.


For the A-0025, fill the test tube with the sample to be tested and use in place of the supplied ZERO ampoule.

Each Accessory Pack contains 10 test tubes for sample zeroing and instructions.


See the table below to determine the appropriate Sample Zeroing Accessory Pack to use with your particular CHEMetrics Vacu-vials® kit.

Sample Zeroing Accessory Pack Instructions