Single Analyte Meters (SAMs)

CHEMetrics offers a range of dedicated photometers known as Single Analyte Meters (SAMs), for measurement of sample ampoules and vials. Each SAM is programmed to analyse one specific analyte (see below). Our SAM range offers an unprecedented blend of simplicity, convenience of use, features, performance and value for money, providing results equivalent to probes and meters costing considerably more.

Specification & Features

The rugged, waterproof units feature a large display with optional backlight. The last 16 data points (with a time and date stamp) are automatically stored which can be easily recalled using the Menu function.

Light SourceLight-emitting diode / interference filter
Optical Path13, 16 or 22.5 mm light path
Power SourceBattery Operated
ComplianceEuropean CE Mark

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SAM Kit Range

The SAM photometer is supplied as part of a SAM Kit, containing everything required to start testing. The SAM Kit comes in a portable plastic case and typically contains: SAM Photometer, pack of 30 Vacu-vials*, 4 x AAA batteries, screwdriver and instructions. Additional packs of ampoules or vials are available separately for all the SAM kits.

  Analyte   SAM Range
ppm (mg/l)
  Type   SAM   Replacement
Kit or Refill
Chlorine 0 - 5.00 DPD   Vacu-vials I-2001 K-2513
  Chlorine Dioxide   0 - 11.0   DPD   Vacu-vials   I-2005   K-2703
COD LR 0 - 150 Dichromate
Reaction Digestion
Vials A-7320 K-7350S / K-7355S
K-7351S / K-7356
COD HR 0 - 1,500 Dichromate
Reaction Digestion
Vials A-7325 K-7360S / K-7365S
K-7361S / K-7366S
COD HR+ 0 - 15,000 Dichromate
Reaction Digestion
Vials A-7325 K-7370S / K-7375
K-7371S / K-7376
(Anionic Surfactants)
0 - 2.50
(as LAS)
Methylene Blue Double-Tipped
I-2017 R-9423
Hydrogen Peroxide 0 - 6.00 Ferric Thiocyante   Vacu-vials I-2016 K-5543
Oxygen (Dissolved) 0 - 15.0 Indigo Carmine   Vacu-vials   I-2002 K-7513
  Ozone   0 - 5.00   DPD   Vacu-vials   I-2019   K-7423
  Ozone   0 - 0.75   Indigo   Vacu-vials   I-2022   K-7433
  Peracetic Acid   0-5.00   DPD   Vacu-vials   I-2020   K-7913

The majority of the tests listed above can also be performed using the V-2000 and V-3000 Multi-Analyte Photometers. Please see the Multi-Analyte Photometers page for compatability information.

* With exception of A-7320, A-7325 and I-2017.

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