We offer a range of dedicated instruments for measuring certain physical water properties. These are handheld, portable water resistant meters with a digital read out for simplicity of use. They provide direct readings of water samples and do not require test kits or reagents. They can be used on a variety of qualities of water, from clean, transparent water to very contaminated or dirty water. The units require periodic calibration using calibration solutions, dependent on requirements.

Meter Description Range
I-1000 pH Double Junction Meter -1.00 - 15.00 pH Units
I-1100 Total Dissolved Solids Meter 0 - 2,000 ppm
0 - 10 ppt
I-1200 Conductivity Meter 0 - 2,000 μS

The CHEMetrics pH, Conductivity and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meters are waterproof, portable, handheld devices, for field or laboratory use. They utilise an electrode-based probe for direct measurement of the sample, with a convenient digital read out on a large, easy to read digital display. They also feature sample temperature display, optional temperature compensation, and a hold mode when withdrawing the meter from the sample. They also feature a calibration mode. The Conductivity Meter is depicted left.


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