Product Comparisons & Evaluations

Internal and external product evaluations and comparisons are available to download below. Please see the relevant product page for more information.

Hach vs CHEMetrics COD Vial QC Performance Data Report

This Quality Control Report was produced in house at CHEMetrics and compared both 0-150 ppm and 0-1,500ppm COD reagent vials, from CHEMetrics and Hach, using a Spectronic 21 spectrophotometer and a Hach DR-2010 Spectrophotometer, and showed equivalent performance. This data was submitted to the USEPA as part of CHEMetrics application for acceptance for USEPA approved Hach Method 8000 for NPDES compliance reporting, which was confirmed by the USEPA in January 2001. For more information, please see the Chemical Oxygen Demand Test System page.

CHEMetrics, Inc. Indigo Ozone Vacu-vials® Technical Data Summary

This CHEMetrics Report examines statistical data for the CHEMetrics K-7433 Ozone Indigo Test Kit, measured using both a CHEMetrics I-2022 dedicated photometer and a Hach DR3900 Spectrophotometer; and compares these to equivalent results obtained from a Hach Indigo Ozone AccuVac Ampoules 2517025. Both kits measure 0 - 0.75 mg/l (ppm) O3. For more information, please see the CHEMetrics Indigo Ozone Test Kit page.

USEPA Innovative Technology Verification Report: Field Measurement Technologies for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soil

The CHEMetrics RemediAid™ Test Kit has been evaluated by the USEPA SITE (ETV) Program. This USEPA report states that the RemediAid™ kit is a reliable field measurement device for TPH in soil. In addition, it cites good accuracy, good precision, lack of sensitivity to non-PHC interferents, high sample throughput, low measurement costs, and ease of use. This Test Kit has now been discontinued.

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