Better Water Testing is a Snap

Self-Filling Reagent Ampoules

CHEMetrics launched the self-filling reagent ampoule 50 years ago, but remains today one of the most convenient technlogies for water testing. Colourimetric and Titrimetric water analysis kits using this patented, vacuum-sealed technology remain at the heart of the current CHEMetrics product range.

Colourimetric (colorimetric) test kits are available in three formats: CHEMets, for low to medium range visual colourimetric analysis; VACUettes for high range visual colourimetric analysis; and Vacu-vials for instrumental colourimetric analysis. Titrets employ a titrimetric test method. CHEMets, VACUettes and Titrets are non-instrumental and contain everything required to perform 30 tests, whereas Vacu-vials test kits are measured instrumentally, in conjunction with a CHEMetrics photometer, or your existing (compatible) spectrophotometer, providing a digital read out. Test kits are available to measure 45 different analytes, from Alkalinity to Zinc.

Reduced Testing Times

These extraordinary, simple, snap-and-read test kits actually have a lower cost per test than the labour-intensive methods you may be using now. Measured either instrumentally, by visual colour comparison or by visual scale, you can have accurate, reliable, quantitative results for one of 45 analytes in just one to two minutes. Reduced testing times may help your time management and frees up more of your working day for other responsibilities.

No Mixing - No Measuring - No Mess

Traditional methods often require sample and reagent preparation, which may include pipetting, weighing, mixing and/or centrifuging of the test reagent as well as pipetting of the sample. The test procedure itself often involves multiple steps, and then there is the post testing clean up of all beakers, pipettes and other glassware, as well as the work space, involved.

With the CHEMetrics systems, you simply immerse the ampoule in the sample, snap the tip, and quickly obtain dependable results. The premeasured volume of liquid reagent is already present inside the ampoule, and the vacuum enables the ampoule to self-fill and draw in the correct volume of sample, so no sample measurement is necessary. The chemistry is contained in the ampoule and the sample is drawn in automatically.

Fewer Steps Means Fewer Errors

Because preparation, measurement and manual dilution steps are virtually eliminated, CHEMetrics products reduce potential operator error and variation between successive sample tests. This increases the accuracy and reliability of your test results, and also saves retesting time and money. CHEMetrics vacuum-sealing helps you avoid inaccurate results from stale or unstable reagents.

Safer Testing

Instead of handling chemicals and samples, you can significantly reduce your exposure with CHEMetrics self-filling ampoules. The chemistry is contained within the ampoule. Each contains a unit dose of pre-formulated reagent sealed in glass, the sample being drawn in automatically, so that direct contact with chemicals is minimised.

Portable and Refillable

Packaged with everything you need to run 30 tests, CHEMetrics products are compact and highly portable, making them ideal for fast, dependable analysis both in the lab or in the field. Refill packs of 30 ampoules are available to restock the test kits for further testing, to extend the useable life of your test kit, and to keep in reserve.

Extended Shelf Life

Vacuum-sealing the reagent inside the ampoule ensures the longest possible shelf life. Unless otherwise specified, all products have a shelf life of at least 2 years, which is the case for the majority of CHEMetrics products.

For product specific shelf life information, please see the individual product page in the CHEMetrics catalogue. Please contact us for a complimentary copy.

Stated shelf life is based upon products being stored at room temperature and in the dark. In other words, the unused ampoules should be kept inside the cardboard refill packaging when not not in use, and kept inside the plastic kit case; or in the case of spare refill packs, kept in a cupboard or similar when not out in the field.

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