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Petroleum and Chemical

Oil Drilling and Production

CHEMetrics test kits are used in both exploration/drilling and oil production - on offshore oil platforms and oil fields - to monitor injection water, hydraulic fracturing fluid, drilling fluid, drilling discharge, produced/formation water and synthetic completion fluid brines; as well as testing potable drinking water. CHEMetrics Iron test kits are suitable for most applications, whilst the Iron in Brine test kit has been specially developed for testing synthetic fluid completion brines.

Alkalinity COD pH
Carbon Dixoide (Dissoved) Iron Sulphide
Chloride Iron in Brine Sulphite
Chlorine Oxygen (Dissolved) Zinc

Oil Refining

CHEMetrics test kits are widely used in oil refineries to monitor influent and wastewater/effluent monitoring, as well as internal power generation applications such as boiler and cooling water analysis - from power plant applications to closed loop systems, field tests to lab testing.

Ammonia Iron Phosphate
COD Molybdate Sulphide
Chloride Nitrate Sulphite
Chlorine Oxygen (Dissolved)
Hydrazine Phenols

Chemical and Petrochemical

CHEMetrics kits are widely used for process applications, influent, wastewater and effluent water analysis in chemical plants. From power plant applications to closed loop systems, field tests to lab testing, CHEMetrics can simplify your testing routine.

Ammonia Glycol Phenols
Chloride Hydrogen Peroxide Phosphate (Ortho)
Chlorine Iron Sulphide
Chlorine Dioxide Manganese Sulphite
COD Molybdate Zinc
Cyanide Nitrate
Formaldehyde Oxygen (Dissolved)

Product Spotlight

Most of CHEMetrics’ products are used to spot check levels of selected chemicals in the refinery effluent stream to ensure contaminants are removed or at permissible levels. Primary products of interest are ammonia, chlorine, iron, phenols, sulphide and more.

For more information on these products, click on the analyte in the tables above.

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