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DR900 Vacu-vials® Adapter

It is now possible to use selected CHEMetrics photometric test kits with your existing Hach DR900 Colorimeter! If you are a Hach user, you can enjoy the benefits of CHEMetrics patented self-filling ampoules for accurate, fast and repeatable results without having to purchase a new instrument.

CHEMetrics have launched a 13mm adapter for the DR900 to allow it accommodate 13mm diameter Vacu-vials® ampoules. This is known as the DR900 Vacu-vials Adapter, Cat. No. A-0215.

How to Use

The CHEMetrics adapter does not replace the use of the 16mm Hach adapter originally supplied with the DR900 and designed to fit into the 16mm adapter. The A-0215 is essentially a 16 to 13mm adapter. With the Hach 16mm adapter already installed on the DR900, simply insert the Vacu-vials ampoule into the 16mm adapter and slide the A-0215 over the ampoule. The A-0215 will centre the ampoule and act as a light shield. The product comes with 2 spare o-rings.

In order to obtain readings from the DR900 with CHEMetrics Vacu-vials test kits, CHEMetrics have produced a number of programs for Vacu-vials test kits that can be uploaded to the DR900. To download and install any of these programs, please visit the DR900 User Program Download page.

DR900 Vacu-vials Adapter Instructions

Supported Vacu-vials Kits

A list of supported photometric test kits is found below.

Parameter Range: ppm (mg/l) Method / Chemistry Cat. No.
Ammonia 0 - 7.00 as N Direct Nesslerisation K-1503
Ammonia 0 - 14.0 as N Direct Nesslerisation K-1523
Chlorine 0 - 5.00 DPD (free & total) K-2513
Filming Amine 0 - 6.00 as ODA Rose Bengal K-1013
Hydrogen Peroxide 0 - 6.00 Ferric Thiocyanate K-5543
Ozone 0 - 5.00 DPD K-7423
Peracetic Acid 0 - 5.00 DPD K-7913
Phenols 0 - 8.00 4-Aminoantipyrine K-8003
Phenols 0 - 20.0 4-Aminoantipyrine K-8023
Phosphate 0 - 80.0 Vanadomolybdophosphoric Acid K-8503
Phosphate 0 - 8.00 / 0 - 5.00 ‡ Stannous Chloride K-8513
Sulphide 0 - 3.00 / 0 - 1.00 ‡ Methylene Blue K-9503
Zinc 0 - 3.00 Zincon K-9903

Why Vacu-vials?

CHEMetrics patented, self-filling ampoule simplify and speed up water testing procedures. They eliminate the potential inaccuracies associated with manual sample and reagent volume measurement in the field. There is no measuring or mixing of reagents required. The chemical reaction is contained within the ampoule so it is safer.

Vacu-vials, when used in conjunction with a CHEMetrics photometer or compatible instrument such as the Hach DR900, provides a digital reading and is not reliant on external lighting conditions for measurement. Please see the Vacu-vials page for more information.