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Mining and Manufacturing

Mining, quarrying and ore processing requires large quantities of water, for instance, for chemical treatment of crushed tailings. Large quantities of waste material are produced, which can affect run off and surface drainage. Potential source of water pollution include acid mine drainage, processing chemicals, heavy metals from excavated rock that come into contact with water, and sediment from erosion. A number of CHEMetrics test kits and meters can be used for spot checks of influent, process and effluent water for quick, convenient and reliable testing. CHEMetrics test kits can also be used for process and effluent water checks at precious metal refineries.

Applications for CHEMetrics kits in manufacturing industries include a variety of tests for manufacturing plants such as textile mills, tanneries, leather factories, steel mills, electronics (semi-conductor and PCB manfacturers), engineering & automotive plants, and electroplating production lines. Whether testing for contaminants on the influent side or spot checks of effluent water, CHEMetrics can equip your lab or field personnel with accurate, easy to use, reliable test kits.

Alkalinity Formaldehyde Oxygen (Dissolved)
Ammonia Glycol Phenols
Chlorine Hardness Phosphate
Chromate Hydrogen Peroxide Sulphide
COD Iron Sulphate
Copper Molybdate Thiosulphate
Cyanide Nitrate Zinc

Test Kit Benefits

  • Precise, accurate and sensitive
  • Simple test procedures
  • Rapid, reliable results
  • Visual or photometrics kits for lab or field use
  • Reduced operating costs

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