Chromate Test Kits

Visual Kits

Range MDL Method Type Kit Cat. No. Refill
0.0 - 1.0 & 1 - 10 ppm 0.05 ppm Diphenylcarbazide CHEMets K-2810 R-2810

Instrumental Kits

Range Method Type Kit Cat. No.
0 - 3.50 ppm Diphenylcarbazide Vacu-vials K-2803

CHEMetrics offers test kits employing the well-known Diphenylcarbazide reagent to deliver sensitivity and accuracy within two minutes or less. Based on CHEMetrics patented Self-Filling Reagent Ampoule technology. Premixed. Premeasured. Precise. Each kit contains 30 tests.

The Diphenylcarbazide Method

With the chromate test method, hexavalent chromium reacts with diphenylcarbazide under acid conditions to form a red-violet color. Results are expressed as ppm (mg/l) CrO4.

APHA Standard Methods, 22nd ed., Method 3500-Cr B- 2009. ASTM D 1687-02, Chromium in Water, Test Method A.


Hexavalent chromium (VI) salts are used in numerous industrial processes. They are also used extensively as corrosion inhibitors in open and closed cooling water systems.

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