Ozone Indigo Test Kit

New to the CHEMetrics range is a test kit for the determination of Ozone in aqueous solutions, based on the broadly accepted Indigo Method and the patented CHEMetrics Self-Filling Reagent Ampoule. Premixed. Premeasured. Precise. The innovative self-zeroing feature means only one ampoule is used per test - eliminating the need to generate a reagent blank every time a test is performed. The test concentration range is 0 - 0.75 ppm (mg/l) O3, matching the requirements for bottled water testing.

Our Simple Testing Procedure

Additional Advantages

Click here for more technical information on the Self-Zeroing Indigo Method, as well as the complete CHEMetrics Ozone range.

Instrumental Kits

Range Method Type Kit Cat. No.
0 - 0.75 ppm Indigo Vacu-vials K-7433
0 - 0.75 ppm Indigo SAM Photometer + Vacu-vials I-2022

Comparison with Hach AccuVac Ampoules

The CHEMetrics Indigo Ozone Test Kit Report examines statistical data for the CHEMetrics K-7433 Ozone Indigo Test Kit, measured using both a CHEMetrics I-2022 dedicated photometer and a Hach DR3900 Spectrophotometer; and compares these to equivalent results obtained from a Hach Ozone (Indigo) AccuVac MR Ampoules 2517025. Both kits measure 0 - 0.75 mg/l (ppm) O3.

CHEMetrics Ozone (Indigo) Vacu-vials® Kit: Performance Report
CHEMetrics Ozone (Indigo) Vacu-vials®: Comparative Performance Study

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