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Food and Beverage Manufacturing

CHEMetrics products are used throughout the food and beverage industry in processing, production, packaging, and sanitising processes. Bottled water plants, breweries, distilleries and carbonated beverage facilities test impurities in their production (process) water. Packaging operations, particularly aseptic packaging, use CHEMetrics kits to verify sterilisation and to monitor the efficacy of sterilisation solutions. COD vials are used to monitor wastewater conditions, particularly at dairies, creameries, and meat processing plants. Our ozone test method has been approved for worldwide use by a major bottler to monitor trace ozone levels in bottled water plants. Our Sulphite in Wine test kit is used by many wine makers and vineyards.

Ammonia Hydrogen Peroxide pH
Bromine Hypochlorite Phenols
Chlorine Iron Sulphate
Chlorine Dioxide Nitrate Sulphite
COD Nitrite Sulphite in Wine
Formaldehyde Oxygen (Dissolved) Thiosulphate
Glycol Ozone Zinc
Hardness Peracetic Acid

Product Spotlight

Hydrogen Peroxide Testing for ESL & Aseptic Packaging

CHEMetricsĀ® Hydrogen Peroxide test kits are routinely used by operators on packaging lines to monitor the sterilization solution residuals in Extended Shelf Life (ESL) and Aseptic Packaging applications. The product cartons are sprayed with hydrogen peroxide to pre-sterilize them, then heated to remove the hydrogen peroxide. CHEMetricsĀ® Hydrogen Peroxide Kits meet critical residual concentration limits of 0.5 ppm.

Ozone Testing for Bottled Water

  • Instrumental Test Kit offers accuracy, savings, and speed
  • Savings up to 62% over leading brand
  • Range matches FDA requirements for bottled water
  • Faster & simpler self-zeroing test
  • Works with most spectrophotometers

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