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Process, Boiler, Cooling Water Treatment

CHEMetrics kits are used to monitor a variety of water dosing applications such as process water, boiler water, cooling water, as well as for the analysis of wastewater and effluents. Additionally, in systems that employ on-line analysers, CHEMetrics kits are used for regular system checking and validation, troubleshooting, and as back ups in periods of downtime.

Alkalinity Filming Amines Oxygen (Dissolved)
Ammonia Glycol pH
Bromine Hardness Phenols
Carbohydrazine Hydrazine Phosphate
Chlorine Iron Silica
Conductivity Molybdate Sulphate
Cyanide Nitrate Sulphide

Test Kit Benefits

  • Precise, accurate and sensitive
  • Simple test procedures
  • Rapid, reliable results
  • Reduced operating costs

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