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Visual Test Kits CHEMets V-3000 Multi-Analyte Photometer Vacu-vials
Patented self-filling reagent ampoules for colourimetric water analysis. These extraordinary, snap-and-read test kits may have a lower cost per test than the labour intensive versions you may be currently using. Measured by visual colour comparison, titrimetrically or instrumentally (using photometer), you can have consistent, accurate, quantitative results in under two minutes! Safe to use, the entire chemistry is contained in the ampoule. Suitable for both Laboratory and Field use. 50 different analytes from Alkalinity to Zinc. 

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Visual Colorimetric High Range Visual Instrumental Colorimetric Titrimetric Analysis
Visual ColorimetricHigh Range
Visual Colourimetric
Instrumental ColorimetricTitrimetric