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Standard Solutions

CHEMetrics has a selection of standard solutions for specific applications. These currently include A-5505 for Hydrogen Peroxide and A-7301 and A-7310 for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). Each standard has a shelf-life of 8 months, with the exception of the Peracetic Acid (PAA) standard which has a shelf-life of 6 months, and is produced to exacting standards.

Cat. No. Analyte End Concentration
A-7301 Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) 1,000 ppm
A-7310 Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) 10,000 ppm
A-5505 Hydrogen Peroxide 0.5 ppm
A-7925 Peracetic Acid 1.0 ppm

Note: Click on the ‘Kit Cat. No.’ to view the test instructions.

COD Standard Solutions

CHEMetrics offers 2 premixed Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Standard Solutions, available in 200ml bottles: the A-7301 providing a 1,000 ppm standard, and A-7310, providing a 10,000 ppm standard. Both are NIST Traceable. These standards can be used pipetted into COD vials, digested and measured, to verify the accuracy of test equipment and procedure, and as a control during routine testing, as required. To be stored in refrigerator.

Hydrogen Peroxide Standard Solution

Hydrogen Peroxide Standard, catalogue no. A-5505, for the preparation of 0.5 ppm standard, offers the analyst an easy-to-use, NIST Traceable hydrogen peroxide standard to confirm the accuracy and reliability of hydrogen peroxide measurements for test kits K-5502, K-5510 and K-5543.

Each standard kit contains 10 double-tipped ampoules containing premixed concentrate, a tip breaking tool and Certificate of Analysis. To prepare the 0.5 ppm standard, simply dispense the liquid from the double-tipped ampoule and add to 100ml of water. The 0.5 ppm standard will remain stable for 24 hours in a closed flask that is stored in the dark at room temperature.

Peracetic Acid Standard Solution

Peracetic Acid (PAA) Standard, catalogue no. A-7925, for the preparation of 1.0 ppm standard, offers the analyst an easy and convenient method to confirm the accuracy and reliability of PAA measurements. Conveniently packaged in a cardboard box, each pack contains 10 ampoules, 1 bottle of Stabiliser Solution, a tip breaking tool, instructions, and a lot-specific Certificate of Analysis.

The prepared 1.0 ppm standard will remain stable for 8 hours in a closed flask that is stored in the dark at room temperature.

Note: The A-7925 PAA standard has a relatively high hydrogen peroxide content. This standard is applicable for use with CHEMetrics’ PAA test kits and any other test kits with which hydrogen peroxide does not interfere.

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