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Ozone Indigo Test Kit

New to the CHEMetrics range is a test kit for the determination of Ozone in aqueous solutions, based on the broadly accepted Indigo Method and the patented CHEMetrics Self-Filling Reagent Ampoule. Premixed. Premeasured. Precise. The innovative self-zeroing feature means only one ampoule is used per test - eliminating the need to generate a reagent blank every time a test is performed. The test concentration range is 0 - 0.75 ppm (mg/l) O3, matching the requirements for bottled water testing.

Our Simple Testing Procedure

The optional Vacu-vials Snapper can further simplify test procedures, reduce testing times and increase accuracy. It allows the user to test the sample directly inside the plastic bottle or sterile container without having to pour it into a sample cup each time.

Additional Advantages

  • Savings up to 62% over alternative methods.
  • Unique Self-Zeroing Indigo Method provides accurate and repeatable test results as well as greater efficiency and cost savings.
  • CHEMetrics ampoules are compatible with most spectrophotometers while major alternatives such as Hach's are limited to their own branded instruments.
  • Obtain test results with any spectrophotometer by using the CHEMetrics Concentration Calculator app.
  • The Indigo Method prevents interference from Chlorine.

Comparison with Hach® AccuVac Ampoules

The CHEMetrics Indigo Ozone Test Kit Report examines statistical data for the CHEMetrics K-7433 Ozone Indigo Test Kit, measured using both a CHEMetrics I-2022 dedicated photometer and a Hach DR3900 Spectrophotometer; and compares these to equivalent results obtained from a Hach Ozone (Indigo) AccuVac MR Ampoules 2517025. Both kits measure 0 - 0.75 mg/l (ppm) O3.

CHEMetrics Ozone (Indigo) Vacu-vials® Kit: Performance Report
CHEMetrics Ozone (Indigo) Vacu-vials®: Comparative Performance Study