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Sample Dilution Accessories

CHEMetrics Dilution Technology

Sample dilution can be used to extend the range of the kits and to mitigate interferences or sample discolouration or turbidity. Dilution must be preformed accurately to minimise the introduction of errors. Sample dilution is also not appropriate for all analytes, for instance, alkalinity, carbon dioxide, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH and ozone.

CHEMetrics offers a variety of test kits in different ranges to suit the majority of requirements, including VACUettes Visual Test Kits which utilise patented auto-dilution for use with concentrated samples. CHEMetrics also offers a wide range of dilution accessories for use with selected kits, including MiniPets®, dilution tips, syringes, dilutor refills and sample cups.

For more information on general considerations for dilution, please see our FAQs page.

MiniPets® & Syringes

This is our recommended dilution method. Dispense the specified volume of sample into the appropriate sample cup using either MiniPet® or syringe and dilute to the specified total volume with distilled water. Then use this diluted solution in conjunction with the normal procedure for the test kit you are using, e.g. Chlorine. Take the result from this test and multiply it by the appropriate multiplication factor below, yielding the actual concentration value for the original undiluted sample.

If you are using the MiniPet® to dispense the sample, first place the yellow pipette tip (A-0171) firmly onto the end of the appropriate MiniPet® [1]. Then depress the plunger on the MiniPet. Immerse the yellow tip in the water sample and release the plunger. This will draw the sample into yellow tip [2]. Hold the MiniPet® over the selected sample cup and depress the plunger to dispense the sample [3].

Cat. No. Sample Measuring
A-0063 3ml Syringe 2.5 ml 25 ml 10×
A-0063 3ml Syringe 1 ml 25 ml 25×
A-0194 Teal MiniPet® 200 µl 25 ml 125×
A-0170 Blue MiniPet® 100 µl 25 ml 250×
A-0193 Yellow MiniPet® 50 µl 25 ml 500×
A-0191 Orange MiniPet® 25 µl 25 ml 1,000×

Dilutor Refills

Dilutor refills are dilution tips that go onto the end of the test ampoule, to perform an automatic dilution, following the same procedure as VACUettes which already come with dilution tips in the kits. If there is a VACUettes test kit available for the test range you require, we would suggest using that test kit. Please see the VACUettes page for more information. Test instructions for VACUettes kits can be found on the relevant analyte product page.

Dilutor refills are designed for use with CHEMets and Vacu-vials Test Kits. In general, we would recommend MiniPets® and syringes for dilutions with more complex test method chemistries, involving activator, neutraliser and stabiliser solutions, because of the ratios involved relative to the intended test range of the test kit being used.

Cat. No. Description Pack Size Dilution Factor
A-0047 Dilutor Refill 30 25×
A-0038 Dilutor Refill 30 50×
A-0039 Dilutor Refill 30 100×
A-0031 Dilutor Refill 30 1,000×