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Simplicity in Water Analysis

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CHEMetrics patented self-filling reagent ampoules for colourimetric water analysis typically provide results in under two minutes! Suitable for both laboratory and field use. 40+ different parameters from Alkalinity to Zinc. These extraordinary test kits may have a lower cost per test than the labour intensive versions you may be currently using.

Why Colourimetric Water Analysis?

Each ampoule contains of single dose of premixed reagent. Self-filling ampoules eliminate the need to measure sample and reagent. Simple snap-and-read technology offers precise, reliable results time after time.

Industries Served

From power plant applications to wastewater to field tests to lab testing, CHEMetrics can simplify your routine with water quality test kits. Click on an industry icon below to see the products we offer for your specific testing needs.


Power Generation



Water Treatment





New Products

Ammonia (ESL)

Filming Amine


Nitrite (Low Range)

New Direct Nesslerisation (Extended Shelf Life) dual range kit K-1513 with 12 month shelf life New Rose Bengal visual test kit K-1006 & photometric test kit K-1013 for ppm OLA or OA Visual test kit K-6802 & photometric test kit K-6803 for measuring Chloramine solutions New low range Nitrite visual & photometric test kits employing Azo Dye Formation (NED)

News: CHEMetrics helps establish the Peracetic Acid APHA Standard Method