Thiosulphate Test Kit

Titrimetric Kit

Range MDL Method Type Kit Cat. No. Refill Cat. No.
5 - 50 ppm 5.0 ppm Iodometric Titrets K-9705

CHEMetrics offers test kits employing the well-known Iodometric method to deliver sensitivity and accuracy within two minutes or less. Based on CHEMetrics patented Self-Filling Reagent Ampoule technology. Premixed. Premeasured. Precise. Each kit contains 30 tests.

The Iodometric Method

CHEMetrics' method employs the iodometric chemistry. Thiosulphate is titrated with iodide-iodate titrant in acid solution using a starch indicator. Although sulphite usually titrates as thiosulphate, the sample is pre-treated to inhibit sulphite interferences. The kit contains a sulphamic acid solution which can be used to prevent nitrite interference. Results are expressed as ppm (mg/l) S203.

APHA Standard Methods, 22nd ed., Method 4500-SO32- B- 2000.

Titrets Technology

CHEMetrics Titrets employ reverse titration technology, meaning that the premixed and premeasured iodide-iodate titrant is in the ampoule, and the sample and starch indicator is drawn in a little at a time from the sample cup. The amount of sample required to reach the endpoint is proportional to the thiosulphite concentration of the sample, which is shown on the scale on the side of the ampoule.


Thiosulphate is an excellent reducing agent. It is used primarily as an antichlor, or chlorine-removing agent, in various chemical processes, including the bleaching of pulp, paper, and textiles.

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