Industries and Applications

Galgo's customers come from a wide variety of industries and sectors, including the following. Some of these categories and their applications are examined in more detail.

AgricultureEngineeringPaper & Pulp
Analytical ServicesFish FarmsPrecious Metals Refiners
Aviation & AirportsFood & DrinkPrinted Circuits
Brewers & DistillersGovernmentResearch & Development
Chemical & PharmaceuticalHorse BreedersShipping & Offshore
ConsultancyLand RemediationWaste Management
EducationLeather, Tanners & TextilesWater Services
Energy & MineralsLeisure (Inland & Indoor)Water & Waste Services
Electronics / Semi-ConductorManufacturing
ElectroplatingMedical & Clinical

Clean Water and Wastewater Treatment

CHEMetrics products are applicable in both drinking water treatment works (WTW) and waste water treatment works (WWTW). WWTWs monitor influent, settling tanks, and effluent waters. WTWs monitor residual disinfectant products.

AluminiumDetergentsOxygen (Dissolved)
BromineHardness (Total)Phosphate (Ortho)
Chlorine DioxideNitrateTurbidity

Environmental and Waste Management

CHEMetrics kits are used extensively in the environmental sector as part of site assessments, monitoring, remediation projects and education, and by waste management companies. In the environmental sector, kits are typically used by environmental contractors, official bodies, and universities. Monitoring applications include surface water monitoring for nutrient run off and industrial effluent contamination, groundwater monitoring, and also soil monitoring for petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in land remediation projects.

Carbon Dioxide (Dissolved)Hydrogen PeroxidePhosphate (Ortho)
ConductivityNitrateTotal Dissolved Solids (TDS)
CopperOxygen (Dissolved)

Process, Boiler and Cooling Water Monitoring

CHEMetrics kits are used to monitor a variety of water dosing applications such as process water, boiler water, cooling water, as well as for the analysis of waste water and effluents. Additionally, in systems that employ on-line analysers, CHEMetrics kits are used for regular system checking and validation, troubleshooting, and as back ups in periods of downtime.

AluminiumFilming AminesOxygen (Dissolved)

Power Generation

CHEMetrics is the undisputed worldwide leader in colourimetric, low-level Dissolved Oxygen analysis. CHEMetrics test kits and meters are used throughout the power generation industry to monitor corrosive and deposit forming elements in water, and also to monitor corrosion inhibitors and biocides (e.g. chlorine in cooling towers).

CarbohydrazideHydrogen PeroxideSulphate
ChlorineIronTotal Dissolved Solids (TDS)
DEHAOxygen (Dissolved) 


CHEMetrics test kits are widely used in oil refineries to monitor influent and waste water/effluent monitoring, as well as internal power generation applications such as boiler and cooling water analysis - from power plant applications to closed loop systems, field tests to lab testing. Leaking underground storage tanks (USTs) can be identified with CHEMetrics Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil test kit RemediAid.

ChlorineOxygen (Dissolved)

Oil Drilling and Production

CHEMetrics test kits are used in both exploration/drilling and oil production - on offshore oil platforms and oil fields - to monitor injection water, hydraulic fracturing fluid, drilling fluid, drilling discharge, produced/formation water and synthetic completion fluid brines; as well as testing potable drinking water. CHEMetrics Iron test kits are suitable for most applications, whilst the Iron in Brine test kit has been specially developed for testing synthetic fluid completion brines.

Carbon Dioxide (Dissolved)IronSulphide
ChlorideIron in BrineSulphite
ChlorineOxygen (Dissolved)Zinc


CHEMetrics kits are widely used for process applications, influent, waste water and effluent water analysis in chemical plants. From power plant applications to closed loop systems, field tests to lab testing, CHEMetrics can simplify your testing routine.

ChlorideHydrogen PeroxidePhenols
ChlorineIronPhosphate (Ortho)
Chlorine DioxideManganeseSulphide
FormaldehydeOxygen (Dissolved)Zinc

Mining and Manufacturing

Applications for CHEMetrics kits in these industries include everything from metals & pH testing in the mining sector to a variety of tests for manufacturing plants such as textile & steel mills, and electronics & automotive plants. Whether testing for contaminants on the influent side or spot checks of effluent water, CHEMetrics can equip your lab or field personnel with accurate, easy to use, reliable test kits.

AlkalinityFormaldehydeOxygen (Dissolved)
ChromateHydrogen PeroxideSulphide

Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

The primary applications for CHEMetrics products in pulp and paper plants are in boiler/cooling water and waste water/effluent water treatment. Since water is used in nearly every mill operation, this industry also requires analytical products for processes including bleaching, cooking and washing, pulp processing, and pulp liquor recovery.

AlkalinityFormaldehydeOxygen (Dissolved)
AmmoniaHydrogen PeroxidePhenols

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

CHEMetrics products are used throughout the food and beverage industry in processing, production, packaging, and sanitising processes. Bottled water plants, breweries, and carbonated beverage facilities test impurities in their production water. Packaging operations, particularly aseptic packaging, use CHEMetrics kits to verify sterilisation and to monitor the efficacy of sterilisation solutions. COD vials are used to monitor waste water conditions, particularly at dairies, creameries, and meat processing plants. Our ozone test method has been approved for worldwide use by a major bottler to monitor trace ozone levels in bottled water plants. Our Sulphite in Wine test kit is used by many wine makers and vineyards.

AmmoniaHydrogen PeroxidepH
Chlorine DioxideNitrateSulphate
FormaledhydeOxygen (Dissolved)Sulphite in Wine
HardnessPeracetic AcidZinc

Medical and Clinical

In hospitals and other medical facilities, CHEMetrics test kits are used to validate sanitisation and to check for detergent residuals, as well as testing for low-level contaminants. CHEMetrics Detergents test kits are used to monitor the efficiency of cleaning cycles of manufacturing equipment used in drug research and pilot batch prototyping evaluations.

Chlorine DioxideHydrogen PeroxideSilica
DetergentsOxygen (Dissolved)

Horse Breeding

CHEMetrics FoalWatch is the world leader in colostrum testing, used by horse breeders to eliminate the requirement for nightly foal watching in the weeks before a mare's expected foaling date. A mare's gestation period is typically about 340 days, but it can vary up to ±20 days. The FoalWatch test kit is used to accurately measure the mare's daily colostrum calcium levels, thus providing a reliable positive indication of when the birth is imminent. Please visit the web site for more information.

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